Line Up for Inspection

Field Artillery Action

Gary Corrado, Founder of The Queen's Rangers "Recreated Regiment"

“I must be silent as to the behavior of the Rangers, for I want even words to express my own astonishment to give an idea of it.”
~Gen. Von Knyphausen


History of Our Regiment:

Formed in 1977 to help commemorate our Nation’s Bicentennial, the unit has traveled to hundreds of sites connected with the Revolution. Through their extensive 18th century camp presentation and the dozens of men, women and children who have made up its membership the unit has provided the public with a unique glimpse of what life was like for the Loyalist soldier and his family.

Started with just 6 members of the Light Infantry company in 1977, the unit added a mounted Light Dragoon company in 1981 and began demonstrating the use of cavalry and infantry together on the reenactment field. The Rifle section was added in 1995 to demonstrate the use of sharpshooters, whose function was to pick off specific targets.

The Regiment wears the distinctive short green jacket adapted by their commander during the Revolution to facilitate quick movement. The Light Infantry and Rifle companies wear the unique leather helmet with the silver half moon on the front, the badge of the Regiment, while the Light Dragoons wear the bearskin crested jockey helmets so prevalent in their day, and later adopted by all of the Light Dragoon regiments in the British Army. Lightly accoutred, the members wear exact reproductions of the buttons, buckles and weapons carried and used by the Regiment, continually updating their uniforms to reflect new research.

Members can be found in almost every state in the northeast; some former members can even be found in the armed forces of the United States.